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The Hangover Shield can help when you are “under the weather”. It can help you during heavy exercise in keeping your body hydrated, boost your natural energy and enhance your MOOD!

Here is the skinny…

TheHangoverShield’ (THS) stands out in the market with its unique value propositions.

  • THS helps prevent hangover when consumed 30 min. before drinking alcohol, OR, if you experience hangover in the morning, drinking THS subsides symptoms of hangover in 30-45 minutes.
  • THS has the ability to prevent alcohol-induced-toxin-damage in the body, more specifically liver damage. A long term consequence of alcohol consumption is thymine deficiency. THS prevents thymine deficiency.
  • THS is also an effective metabolism regulator and hence, it facilitates excellent bowel movement.
    How our liver processes alcohol

Alcohol is technically called ethanol. Two enzymes in the body breaks alcohol down in 2 stages.

Stage 1:

The enzyme, Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) breaks down alcohol into an unstable compound-Acetaldehyde. This is a known class 1 carcinogen responsible for hangover.

Stage 2:

The enzyme, Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) breaks down the Acetaldehyde into an excretable compound called ACETATE in order for elimination.

Why do you need THS?

Our body does not produce enough ALDH enzyme that breaks down the unstable compound (Acetaldehyde) fast enough to prevent the unpleasant feeling of hangover.The function of THS is to enhance the 2nd stage and thereby preventing the liver from alcohol-induced-toxin-damage. This is the utmost important process.

Aside from alcohol-induced-toxin-damage, the human body is also prone to environmental and other consumable-products related free radical and oxidants damage. Such damage leads to hosts of diseases. Therefore, preventing or eliminating the accumulation of such free radicals and oxidants will have significant health benefits.

THS has the ability to prevent these damages by scavenging the free radicals and oxidants in the blood stream.
Additionally, THS enhances the immune system and shields the body.

The energy drinks available in the market, boosts the body’s adrenaline, dopamine, and insulin levels using large amount of caffeine and sugar. You experience a CRASH when these hormone levels normalize. The THS doesn’t contain any of these and hence you never ever experience a CRASH.

These added health benefits of the hangover shield makes the Hangover shield a superior product in the market among its competitors.

The Hangover Shield Boost

Alcohol comes in variousdifferent types,brand names and flavors however the chemical name of all alcoholsand chemical structure/formula is the same known asEthanol.

Ethanol metabolizes and further eliminates from our body with the help of two enzymes

1-                alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH)

2-                aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH)

ADH breaks down ethanol to acetaldehyde(CH3CHO)and yes it is the acetaldehyde which is responsible for intoxication and liver damage as well as hangover.

Once ADH complete its job converting ethanol to acetaldehyde then ALDH takes over and further metabolize or breakdown acetaldehyde to Acetate. At this stage liver is able to eliminate the acetate from the body. However not having enough ALDH in our bodythe liver cannot process acetaldehyde as fast as we would like therefore it leads traffic jam in the liver and further lead to various problemsamong many one of which is the next morning unpleasant feeling of hangover.

The steps in which ethanol metabolized in the liver and further get eliminated from the body

Ethanol————————–> acetaldehyde——————————->acetate

Not having enough ALDH in our system to breakdown the acetaldehydefasterthereforeacetaldehydestay in the blood stream for too long and in the course of drinking in parties and social setting it stockpile pretty fast hencelead to intoxication and the not so well feeling the next morning or the hangover.

Our hangover product “the hangover shield” helps boost the ability of ALDH hence expediting the process of acetaldehyde elimination from the body and therefore preventing and or subsiding hangover.

It is safe to say that “the hangover shield”is a helpful tool and can come handybefore, during, and after alcohol consumption to prevent hangover “the hangover shield”can also help during the time of hangover to subside the unpleasant symptoms of hangover as well as to protect the liver from alcohol damage.

“The hangover shield”boost ALDH to breakdown the acetaldehyde faster further preventing or help subsiding hangover.


Ethanol————————–> acetaldehyde——————————->acetate

The Science Behind Hangover

The science behind Hangover and how The Hangover Shield works

Let’s understand how the Alcohol gets process in our body. Alcohol also known by its technical name Ethanol after passes through the gut alcohol enters the blood stream where it gets processed by the liver. Alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH) and Aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) are the two enzymes liver uses to break down alcohol in to smaller pieces. The enzyme ADH breaks alcohol in to an unstable compound called Acetaldehyde research suggest that its acetaldehyde which is responsible for Hangover and also has carcinogen effect.  After a night out for many the morning divested symptoms of hangover such as dehydration, fatigue, Headache, Nausea, and over all feeling of being sick could be a damper on productivity and prevent many from carrying out their normal daily activities. Research also suggest that high level of acetaldehyde in the blood stream can lead to cognitive impairment including memory loss, dry mouth and over all tiredness which sums up the woeful  feeling of hangover. One of the proprietaryingredients of The Hangover Shield (THS) Cysteine is clinically proven to break down acetaldehyde faster therefore preventing hangover the next morning.  Aside from being a helpful agent in hangover prevention Cysteine is also known to be a very potent anti-oxidant and therefore increasing anti-oxidative defense keeping the body safe from free radical damage.  As mentioned above one of the known symptoms of hangover is Dehydration which leads to Exhaustion, Dizziness, and Headaches. Among affecting other chemical balance in the body alcohol also suppress a hormone called Vasopressin production its job is to keep the body water balance when to let go access water from the body and when to hold on to it. In absence of vasopressin the body can’t regulate the water balance in kidney therefore alcohol cause access water loss that’s why we pee a lot during alcohol intake a process called diuresiswhich makes alcohol a known diuretic.  The total package of well-balanced electrolytes in THS makes the body to overcome the suppression of vasopressin therefore allowing the body to hold on to the needed water in the system preventing dehydration and therefore curving the miserable effect of hangover the next morning. Alcohol also effect Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) activities an inhibitory hormone found in the brain. GABA play a significant role in our sleep cycle once unregulated lead to a miserable sleep. GABA communicates with its counterpart an excitatory hormone known as Glutamate their proper communication results in a well-rested sleep. As alcohol increase GABA receptor activities which make Glutamate unresponsive to GABA commands leading to a restless REM sleep which makes you feel in the morning like you have not slept in days. Another very well packed and important ingredient of the THS is Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Research shows that ascorbic acid regulates the GABA receptors in the brain allowing for a proper communication between GABA and Glutamate hence results in a well-rested sleep.One of the long term consequence of alcohol use or misuse is scurvya condition caused by Vitamin C deficiency where in the absence of vitamin C, the body is unable to produce collagen. Collagen is among the very important proteins found in various types of tissue in the body such as skin, teeth, cartilage, bones, tendons, blood vessels, heart just to name a few. Not having enough vitamin C in the body can lead to scurvy and therefore causing in decrease or stop collagen production which consequentially leads to many problems one of which is the inability of wound healing where the body tissue start to deteriorate.Aside from the scurvy prevention Ascorbic acid has also effective antioxidant properties as well as plays an important role in norepinephrine production a neurotransmitter known for its mood regulation action.

It’s also very well known that vomiting and diarrhea are the common symptoms of hangover. Alcohol also misseswith mucus lining of the stomach allowing the acid of the stomach to stimulate stomach muscles to over react leading to upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting. One of the proprietary ingredient regiment of THS Methyl sulfonyl methane aside from other countless health benefits of methyl sulfonyl methane it also has strong stomach lining protective affect creating a barrier between the gut mucus membrane and the substance in the stomach hence preventing the most unpleasant effects of hangover. One of the long term effects of alcohol is called alcohol induced encephalopathy which means that alcohol does affect our brain specifically the myelinationof the nervous system which is the insulation of the nerves. Another prominent ingredient of THS is Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12). Besides alleviating the hangover system Methylcobalamin is clinically proven to protect the insulation of the nervous system thereby preventing many of the nerve related issues as well. Long term alcohol use can also cause Thiamine (B1) deficiency THS is loaded with B1 which keeps the liver protected at all time as well as preventing other alcohol related issues such is headache nausea fatigue irritability depression and abdominal discomfort. The leftover toxins and free radicals of alcohol in the body can cause significant damage and lead to inflammation in various organs in the body. The two naturally found ingredients of THS the Ginger root extract and Nopal cactus extract both of which are very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is famously known for its potent anti-emetic (vomiting) properties which mean ginger subside nausea and prevent vomiting and provide soothing effect to the gut lining.  To sum it all up The Hangover Shield is fully packed with all potent ingredients which have clinically proven health benefits and keep you Shield from the hangover symptoms. THS is a powerful tool in preventing hangover, but it also alleviates the hangover symptoms should you drink it while experiencing hangover.  With great taste and soothing comfort THS will keeps you free of the miserable symptoms of hangover in minutes therefore THS should be part of your life in every step of the way for feeling good effects and long term health benefitsregardless of hangover.

Story of The Hangover Shield

The Hangover Shield was born out of a much needed demand in public.  As an inventor and entrepreneur the founder of The Hangover Shield Karim Khan was working on a completely different project when a group of young professional approached him on an idea to create a beverage based remedy for hangover. After doing some search for hangover products on line he showed the young professionals many already available products in market. The young professionals were very well aware of the available products in market, and with one voice they all screamed and answered “none of them works” Dr. Khan understood their frustration and thereafter start working on a formula. Working mostly at night after many sleepless nights for months he came up with a formula his partners at the time tried to convince him that he got it, but he was not convinced. Dr. Khan was trying to perfect his formula which will not only prevent the hangover from occurring, but also alleviate it should one already experiencing a hangoverin the morning after a night out. Healso wanted his formula tonot only prevent and alleviate hangover, but also toprotect the liver and the body as a whole against the alcohol induced free radicals and toxins related damage. After perfecting the formula he was proud to make it as a drink so people can try it as a regular beverage.After a few days many were thrilled and impressed beyond expression to feel the therapeutic effects of a drink which was later named as The Hangover Shield and that’s how the hangover shield was born.